Cybersmart has always provided the best products and services to our client base. We have done our utmost to keep pricing competitive and have not made any substantial increases to our Hosting products, over the last 10 years.

cPanel recently announced a new licensing model that has affected Hosting companies worldwide. Cybersmart Hosting makes use of cPanel across all of its Hosting platforms. Due to the new model, we will be increasing pricing on our packages.
This increase will be effective from 1 November 2019.

As a thank you to our loyal customers, Cybersmart will be providing you with double your allocated disk space. Cybersmart will also be actively moving our cPanel servers, hosting your websites, onto SSD performance storage. SSD will allow us to provide your website with lightning-fast storage capabilities. The cutover to SSD is ongoing and we aim to have this completed by, 1 December 2019.

We have decommissioned our Yellow and Green packages, customers on these packages will be moved to our new Orange package.

With regards to our domain registration and renewals thereof, Cybersmart will not levy any price increase.

To view our new pricing structure and hosting package features, please click on the following URL

Thank you for your continued and valued support.

Monday, October 7, 2019

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