Migrating from pop3/imap.cybersmart.co.za to mailer.cybersmart.co.za

Migrating from pop3/imap.cybersmart.co.za to mailer.cybersmart.co.za

Please check that emails have been downloaded in the email program.

Once that has been done, can the emails then be redirected from old server to the new mailer server.

Webmail can then be accessible using the link below on the new server and no longer via the Cybersmart website.


You then just need to change the incoming mail setting of  the email program to:


*DO NOT use mailer.cybersmart.co.za for outgoing SMTP server*

This should remain as what is being used

Always send a test email and log into bot email accounts to see where the email is being delivered to.

If email is deliver to the old server, this means it has not been updated to point to the new mailer server yet

How to check if client is on new server:

  1. Navigate to: https://mailer.cybersmart.co.za:2083/login
  2. Select cybersmart.co.za and go to Email Accounts

    3. Find account using email function

      4. Check mail

      5. Navigate to track delivery

      6. Run report and show all

       7. If no emails show on the list then emails are not being pointed to the mailer server.
          Check the Migration ticket to see if the email has been added to the list and has been routed.
           teamleader with assisting you in getting it migrated after assisting client with correct settings and procedures mentioned in the beginning


       8. If there are emails there then mail is being delivered to mailer.cybersmart.co.za and ensure settings are correct on customers device

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